Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly entries about life in Plainfield, centered at Back Acres Equine Facility.

I will start by saying that Plainfield is the best place I have ever lived. It is almost invisible from the outside - when you drive through town, there doesn’t seem to be anything there. Two stop signs, Mr. Tire, a few town buildings, and that’s it. You would think that living here would be the most boring thing in the world, and I can tell you that after living on three continents and in a number of major cities, it is the most rewarding place of all to be. Not to mention, clean air, clean water, clean soil.
The farm was found the first day looking - the second place we two couples saw, and an offer was put in that night. As Ralph the Guru used to say, "If it’s right, it’s easy". That part, at least, was easy.
The farmhouse is a two family house, part very old and part very new - the old part has had only nine owners previous to me. The energy is of a place where people worked hard but were calm and kind to each other - no evidence of nastiness in the feeling of the house - just safety. It’s nice. The surrounding land (about 80 acres) also seems to have its own energy - and definitely seems to like horses. I have found it odd over the past 12 years at how easily horses and horse activities show up, as opposed to any other. The feeling is much more of stewardship regarding a pre-existing point of attraction, rather than creating something out of whole cloth.
It is also true that when horses show up here (as many, many have since the beginning), that their shoulders seem to drop. Don’t know whether it’s the underlying energetic, the lack of traffic, the orientation of the humans, the good amount of space - probably a combination. But it’s nice to see them take a deep breath and relax. Very gratifying.

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